66 Books in 66 Words


66 Books in 66 Words

This is a wittily concise and rhythmic chant summarizing the chronology of the Bible (not authored by me, but copied with permission):

God begins
Adam sins
Noah arks
Abe embarks
Jacob lies
Joseph's rise
bush talks
Pharaoh balks
sea divides
Pillar guides
Lawful rocks
nation walks
Promised Land
Judges stand
Saul flails
David fails
kingdom broke
prophets spoke
city burned
Jews returned
Jesus birth
God on Earth
villains rise
Saviour dies
Saintly fears
Lord appears!
Dove descends
News extends
He Comes again
Judges men
Eternity bright
Endless light
Not to worry...they don't come in threes! :)

I think this is really catchy; perhaps good for Sunday school. Kids would like it.

The rhyming part is cool! I agree - I think this is a great way to introduce young children to the Bible (kind of like something they can repeat during Sabbath/Sunday School during lessons or an "The Bible in less than 66 words!" :D).

:) Thanks for sharing!
hahaha, sure. It's an old Billy Joel song:

The short verses of the poem would fit well with the song, I think. Would be cool if someone make a Christian parody on youtube. :D