724 Prayers - Tatted Crosses

724 Prayers - Tatted Crosses

I've listed a special tatted cross on my Etsy page for Christian Forum Site Members, my way of keeping tatting alive, and hoping it will be enjoyed by those who might receive them as gifts.

I've noted the forum in the Etsy page, and hope maybe a few more people will find the wonderful community here that i've found.

The page can be found at celtat.etsy.com or by searching sellers on Etsy for Celtat

My page reads:

THIS SPECIAL CROSS IS FOR MEMBERS OF 'CHRISTIAN FORUM SITE' ((I added the URL for the site, but its blocked here))

Members of the Christian Forum Site can PM me there to choose color or charm, if you're not a member, maybe this is a good time to join and become a part of this great community.

I call these crosses '724 Prayers' Because that's the number of Tatting Stitches that goes into making one.

Delicately Hand tatted Cross, makes an ideal Bible Bookmark for someone special.

Bright White or Antique White tatting with Small or Filigree Gold Cross Charm.

A wonderful nostalgic gift for a dear friend who might remember their mother or grandmother tatting.

Give a bible with a tatted cross inside, making a future family heirloom, renew or start a family tradition.

Cross is hand made and durable, it has not been treated with any chemicals that might stain your bible pages. It's stiffness is from the tightness of the stitches.
If anyone is interested in Crosses for Christmas gifts, there's still time.
A member ordered some and was able to get them in the mail in only a few days, I pay for the shipping on special orders.
It's an amazing feeling to know these crosses will make someone happy and find a home in their bible.
I make them every day, i just need someone to send them to. Please just PM me and let me know what color and charm preference, and i'll put a special listing on etsy for you.
Gorgeous Crosses!! You do extremly good werk sis! I bought 50 of them...................Dang I don't lie very good do I but I did git sommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeee

Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday Jesus Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!
I'm leaving the special cross for Christian Forum members on Etsy until Easter. If anyone has questions or special requests, please let me know.
Also if anyone would like to send a complimentary cross to their pastor's wife, please give me the name and address, and i'll send one.

Its my mission to spread these crosses into the world, please let me know if you have any suggestions for me. I am willing to use them to help raise funds for organizations, having as much as half the proceeds to go a cause. I tat them every day, i just need to send them out.