9/11 Anniversary Service Was Strange Place For Devil’s Salute... Or Was it?

if we test spirits we can be sure of good.

Is there no room in your heart for unconditional love towards your fellow human, SC? So many of your posts come across as very...militant. Are we all God-less heathens to you until proven otherwise?

Long read...

I voted for Bush, not ashamed. Much rather have bush than Kerry or Gore. Lord knows what would happen if Kerry and/or Gore were in office during the 9/11 attacks and thereafter... I can see America falling to it knees due to stupid leadership and cowardace.

I also agree that 9/11 had a part done due to those in our government, whether they knew it or not, some one or many contributed to this.

As far as signs and junk, I've made that symbol with my hands plenty of times, none of which due to the acceptance of Satan or of any occult. They way I see it was that was how GWB held his hand because it was confortable or because of something else, like an ich.

Either way, America is asking for a rough season unless all of God's choosen and those who have accepted Christ raise their hands to Him, repent and praise Him.

God bless,


This business with the Twin Towers should have been handled the first time it was bombed.