A book I'm working on - Or story.

A book I'm working on - Or story.

This Is purely fictional, i have been working on a story but in chapters. This is a chapter but keep in mind this will be entirely rewritten to correct grammer and character names Etc.

To give you an idea of what's going on. I made a pure fantasy based story, the main character is named Jin " For the mean time " Jin is a reincarnation of a Seraphim of Jin - Same names; this will be rewritten soon. " Storms into what he and a captials military believe is the hideout of a dangerous individual. During the raid the tide is turned against them as an ambush occurs. Reinforcements are delayed due to small skirmishes across the front. Jin and another individual known as Claire " Whom is an Seraphim as well " Begin to assault and hold out till reinforcements. Within that time period other character appears and battles are fought.

Also if anyone was wondering what this mean't " The Black Death swept through the land – gathering the souls of the innocent; Blood of the Divine spilled and the question remains, what is next? " I was trying to convey that Hero's - Angels and the other races that have joined to fight this battle did lose this battle. Many lives were lost and villages, towns, regions lost to the unforeseen enemy.

He sat kneeled in front of her corpse staring down at the mingled body. The clouds gathered for a short period then rain drizzled drenching the runes. Jin was still in disbelief, the Warrior in white armor was no other then Vulcan’s Daughter. Her abdomen held a long spear in place, pierced right through her and nailed her onto a broken marble slab. Jin’s body was in no greater shape – His now indestructible body became venerable as his powers faded. His wounds began to open and reappear even the one Lucian left. A gaping’ hole reformed above his Kidney, temporary bone fragments slowly shattered and disintegrated. He began to fool a bit woozy, tired and fatigued, the unnecessary skirmishes he had recently. He swayed back, his body arched more and his eyes towards the sky; he let out a small whence of pain along with attempted tears. The battle was long and drawn out, the soldiers of The Sanctuary didn’t last much – Most were worn out, exhausted and tired, the battle with a more powerful enemies was too much. The preparation for the next skirmish would certainly take much longer to prepare, even with the plague involved. Many soldiers around the world came to assist; many of them are from the North from the Kingdom of Dragons and those from the lavish forests of the Elves. Many Druids and Priests scattered to attend to the wounded, Helicopters’ landed with more forces arriving with aid. Claire had arrived to Jin’s location, he too was in runes, and he carried his long swords paralleled to each other feeling unease. His long crimson hair covered his part of his face, he too exhausted with the fight against Oblivion’s men. Claire stared as his eyes shifted his eyes to Lilith’s body and sighed in grief he spoke “ I’m afraid I was too late to tell this of this, but, the person was no other then who you see before you. “ Claire was sent from the Sanctuary to the battlefield to pass on Intelligence; He was to restrain and retrieve Lilith. The now broken Guild of Vulcan would be in grief knowing the only Daughter of Vulcan was now dead. Jin still maintained his composure; his human body would not withstand the further degeneration of his body. Claire came closer sheathing his swords and attempting to kneel to pick up the body of Lilith. A helicopter from the Northern Army came closer towards the crumbling section were Jin was located. The ceiling was gone and the walls blown to pieces from the artillery fire, rope suddenly came down and soldiers followed down a zip line to extract Claire and Jin. A field medic came and grabbed onto Jin. The soldier noticed the pool of blood forming underneath his body, he grabbed tightly and wrapped a harness around his waist. The Medic yelled in Jin’s ear but no conscious response was given. Claire reached over towards the tainted Spear and pulled it out, his skin burned and began to turn black as he pulled it from Lilith’s body. He threw the broken spear away and grabbed her body gently; he then stared at Jin’s unconscious body was carried away.
“The VIP along with Claire and Jin successfully extracted “The Helicopter pilot confirmed over the military communications line. Orders came through the ground forces; the newly dispatched soldiers went to work.

The Black Death swept through the land – gathering the souls of the innocent; Blood of the Divine spilled and the question remains, what is next?

Everyone was hard at work back at the capital, nurses and doctors scrambling to treat the soldiers from the Venus Assault. Jin came through into a private room funded by the Darksoul Manor and treated separately to avoid any confusion. The High Priestess, Maya from the Dragon region came to personally attend to his wounded body; the reincarnation of this particular individual could not go to waste. She held her hands over his body while the nurses began preparing equipment to monitor his condition. Jin regained some form of visual consciousness and felt a numbing pain vibrate his entire being. He could not feel his body, he could not hear nor speak he simply watched as Maya stood over him staring into his eyes. The nurses started to insert needles into his arms to replenish what blood he lost, the rest of the work was left to Maya. Several Priests walked into the room securing a position on each corner – They wore long robes which masked there appearance from the public. Maya then asked kindly for the nurses to retreat and help treat the other wounded soldiers. One of her servants closed the door and locked it then returned to his position. The lights then were turned off and the only light was coming from her Stave, she gentle let go of her Stave which then floated into place. She took a few steps back and began to sing a Hymn of the Ancients; the Stave began to rotate picking up speed. Streams of energy started to form, threads of life appeared all over sewing his wounds together. At the cellular level, his organs began to repair, everything from lost bone fragments to tissue slowly regenerated, the four servants chanted while this ritual was performed. The amount of energy it takes to heal him was great, not only did she have to maintain the life of Jin but also the other Jin who was the reincarnation. Deep within the mind of Jin, a clear picture was painted of the environment he slumbered in. A dark night starry sky with millions of stars twinkling, his body was immersed in the ocean which glowed with life. The sound of the breeze was ambient; there he lay in his Sanctuary – undisturbed, and everything within this realm at peace. This was his world; within his mind his emotions were weaved into this escape from reality – He was not alone, in the sea submerged remained the other Jin slumbering away. Maya materialized into his mind, she observed this incredible world as he stepped through. Her foot made contact with the water underneath as he began to slowly walk on water. She felt the cold water then stepped on stone slabs which lead to a path – She continued to follow it leading towards a large [ Continuation ]