A Book On End Times Prophecy For Review...

Does your church teach that grace is unmerited favor?

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Hi folks,

Here is a link to a book that describes the end times Babylon, the true definition of grace, evidence that the rapture theory is false, how the 70th week of Daniel has been fulfilled by Jesus, and what takes place on 'the day of the Lord'. Because of the title of the book, many of you will be inclined to respond before you even read it because of preconceived notions or teachings. Please do not make a comment unless you read it first, as you won't be able to decide if it has sufficient evidence in it to justify the title...Once you have read it- by all means I want to hear your feedback. Please click on the link and it will open in a PDF:

http://www.thepowerofgraceministries.com/How a Nation Fell From Grace.pdf

After you have read it, please come back to the site and give honest scripture based feedback...Please do not leave feedback unless you read the book first....Sincerely, Steve
Just to clarify :You don't have to read the book to take the poll...Please do, no matter whether you read the book or not! Thanks and may grace be upon you..