A Bride to Be....


Mar 5, 2009
A Bride to Be....

Take us to the mountains, O Glorious King.
There let us hear Your truth joyfully ring.
Show us Your Bride clothed in Glory.
There tell us the wonderful story

Of a Bride You chose,
Of a heart that knows
Of the price You paid,
Of the call you made.

Tell us the story of a needy Bride,
Of the garments soiled, by sin defiled.
Tell us of the touch of Your pure grace,
Of the love You showed her face to face.

Tell us how You gave her Your covenant cup,
Of the death You died to raise her up.
Tell us about the place You have made,
The place of costly stones You have laid.

Tell us the story of Your coming again,
Of the waiting Bride not knowing when.
Show us her heart longing to go,
Your Bride made ready in garments aglow.

Tell us of the joy of Your pure Bride
Standing in holy beauty by Your side.
Tell us of the glory we will forever see,
And in that Bride may we be.

Then let us forever exalt and praise
Our majestice Bridegroom, His Name is raise.
In the New Jerusalem our chosen place,
We will ever follow walking in Grace.