A Couple Poems

None Greater
He took the nails
into his hands,
Jesus, the
Sacrificial lamb.
Upon that cross
He died for me
No greater love
Could ever be

Hope Arose
The day was dark
The journey long
I tried to hum
A walking song
But as I went
I did despair
I saw no peace
From anywhere
For they had killed
His only Son
The Living Lamb
The Perfect One
And as I walked
I shed a tear
Then from behind
Someone drew near
“Why do you cry?”
A voice, it spoke
And suddenly
I felt some hope
I turned around
I saw his face
His eyes they shone
With hope and grace
“You should not doubt”
He softly said
“For I arose
Up the dead”
“How can this be?!”
I cried in fear
I thought my eyes
Were insincere
He did not speak
Just smiled at me
He was waiting
For me to see
He really was
Alive and well
He had conquered
Death, Sin and Hell
And then without
A doubt, I knew
That what he said
Was really true
That this was he
The one who’d died
Not as a ghost
Again I cried
But now my tears
Were filled with joy
And all my fear
He did destroy.
And then he left
My heart it grew
I travelled on
With hope anew.