A daily thought

A daily thought

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[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] What does the world seek in life? Many seek riches. Others chase fame. Still others race after success. Some pursue pleasure.

Who were these magi of the East? We don’t know a lot about them, not even how many there were, but we do know that they were men of goodwill who wanted to discover spiritual truth. The cost of their journey and the gifts they carried would have been staggering, so they weren’t in this for personal gain. Their first concern wasn’t their own safety or they would have let Herod know the location of the Child on their return home. If it was comfort they sought, they would have never begun the journey in the first place.

No, these men had sincere hearts. They knew there was something greater than they already knew and they were willing to pay the cost to discover it. In the same way, if we are wise, we still seek to know God in His fullness today. And that trip begins with a visit to a manger.

Father, help me to know You and Your ways and Your truth as never before. Amen.:smiley90:
Very Good thoughts to ponder , Chili .

We need to back up a bit to the account from Matthew as he was addressing the Jews of that time and he was the only one who told about the Maji . He wanted to make a point to the Jews of that day that Jesus is worthy of all honour and is for all peoples , not just for the Jews alone. We find that the Maji were Gentiles and that is why Mathew is trying to get his point accross as well .

Who were these men ? We do not know much about them other than the Bible says they were Maji .. which in those days were a group of men who we would call astrologers. They studied the stars . We do not know exactly how many there were other than the fact that they brought three gifts so it was assumed that there were three .. We do not know exactly how long it took them to travel or where they came from other than the east . But when I think of over the years how people have distorted their name and we even sung a song " We three Kings of orient are'' . They were not Kings but ordinary men but could have been called " Wise " because of their knowledge of the stars.

But their journey to see the King , was a jouney of faith , because they asked " Where is He that has been born King of the Jews . ?" They saw the unusual star . They also made their journey , a journey of worship " Where is He .... We want to worship Him .

King Herod was disturbed because he knew the prophesy from Isaaih but he also had no intentions of worshipping Jesus and wanted to kill Him

After they saw Jesus , they were not the same ,and God warned them in a dream not to return the same way as they came .

That brings to mind the question : How do I respond to Jesus the King? Do I worship Him? Do I celebrate his birth , life , death and resurection?What do I bring to give to Him ? Let us all bring our prayer, our worship and our service to Him who is worthy of all our praise , honour and glory .

This is the heart of Christmas .. Jesus Christ our Saviour and our Lord of Lord and King of Kings.
Perfect Dusty. I have read this. it is written. It is the truth because it is written. If it was not written it did not happen.
I read last night at our Christmas service from the book of Matthew 1 -18-25 about the Holy spirit coming upon Mary and blessing her with child as she was still a virgin. Joseph wanted to break the engagement with Mary in private as not to disgrace her. As he lay awake , he fell into a dream and saw an Angel standing next to him."Joseph son of David" do not hesitate to take Mary as your wife.For the child within her has been conceived By the Holy spirit. And she will have a son and you shall call him JESUS."meaning savior"for he will save his people from their sins.This will fulfill God's prophets. "Listen! The virgin shall conceive a child. She shall give birth to a son and HE will be called Emanuel "God is with us"When Joseph awoke he did as the angel commanded and brought Mary home to be his wife.But she remained a virgin till her SON was born and Joseph named HIM Jesus.