A Family Recipe

A Family Recipe

:DI don't make this but my niece does for all our occasions so got the recipe from her .... Enjoy .... these are good.:)

Makes a lot but they last in the frig but if family get ahold of them they don't last too long:D

Angela's Olives
3 cans of each .... black and green ones ..... rinsed --- salt and pepper

one quater cup olive oil
3 tabespoons of balsamic vinegar
2 tablespoons lemon juice
one half clove of garlic
one and a half teaspoons of red pepper flakes

Marinate for 18 hrs and rotate every 2 hrs.

They are best at room temperature after marination.
They are good and when you make them for special occasions .... they don't last when put on the table . Then it becomes a tradition and every one looks for them .... and woa betide if they are not there ..... HE He :D