A Few Complaints

So let me first note that this does not have to do with all atheists. I'm talking about "the-atheist", you know the one that makes a YouTube channel and comes up with all sorts of absurdities. I love atheists it's just some of them are kinda.....rude. Anyway I'm going to go over a few complaints.

1st. state the bible has no evidence, but claim that everything bad in the bible happened. An example. many state that Jezebel was a great queen who was persecuted by fundamentalists. The only evidence we have is from the bible and many, especially feminists, complain that everything is blown out of proportion. I recommend reading this

2nd. Claim our morals are trash. If morality is subjective than surely no other moral code should be thought of as superior. Some might say it's bad to cause harm, but would have to ask "why is it bad? Humans have been killing one another for centuries?(Neanderthals) Now I praise atheists that have and support morals, but when they say mine are worse I get annoyed.

3rd. lying, I will admit many Christians are not saints in this field either. Just think about how many bible "contradiction" websites are on the internet. Or how many "bible supports cannibalism", etc.

4th. Being detrimental to history. JP-holding has a youtube channel and in that channel he discusses many lies brought up by atheists. I will give the greatest one "Horus was crucified, born of a virgin, had a last supper, and was baptised." This has got to be the biggest lie I have ever hear. CHECK THE PRIMARY SOURCES PLEASE

5th and final. Making my job so much harder. I constantly struggle with trying to find the truth about the bible, but all of the previous things make it so much harder to actually do that. I personally don't mind hard work, but if I have to work harder because others are being dishonest then I get annoyed.

Anyway sorry that's been bothering me for a while and I really struggle with this a lot. What do you guys think?


1. I've seen many atheists do this. I think it's more or less just a tactic to try to disprove Christian teachings rather than the Bible itself, although they do that too.

2. I can definitely see where an atheist would think we have trash morals. Most of them don't actually know the Bible and are going off what they remember from Sunday school or whatever they come up in their own mind. I was talking to my atheist friend and he said that he had an issue with Jesus commanding a whole city be slaughtered in front of Him... After my brain broke I asked him where he heard that and he didn't know. He just heard it somewhere. I can see how someone who gets their biblical knowledge from "somewhere" could think Christian teachings are immoral.

3. I don't think that all of those websites are made by people to intentionally lie. The Bible is a large collection of books and everyone has a different interpretation of verses. It's easy to understand where some of those "contradictions" come from. I don't personally take issue with websites that show contradictions in the Bible. I actually have more of an issue with pastors teaching us that our faith is completely based on the Bible. I don't believe the Bible is inerrant anyway so that doesn't really bother me.

4. I don't know enough about biblical history outside of the Bible to even try to discuss this.

5. I know how you feel. There is so much information out there. Some of it is lies, or just wrong, and some is truth. It's hard to know what's accurate or not.