A Friend



A Friend

I sent a friend my "Embrace The Moon" poem over MSN. She accused me of writing it about her. I said, well unfortuanately it's about almost everybody.

She asked me to write a poem about/for her. I asked for a topic and she said friends. So I wrote and sent these.

The Sun Is A Friend

The sun is selfless.
He gives the moon light knowing he will get nothing in return.

The sun is fair.
He goes down and gives the moon it's time to shine.

The sun is persistent.
He always tries to look past the world and keep focus on the moon.

The sun has faith.
He knows an eclipse will come and he will be separated from the moon, but he never gives up giving the moon light while he can.

The sun is a partner.
He gives the world life, while the moon gives it rest and tells the oceans where they must end.

The sun is a friend.


A Friend Will

A friend will show a friend the truth.
A friend will show a friend love.

Even if it means being rejected.

Even if it means losing all he knows.

His image.
His habbits.
His common interests with the friend.
His friend themself.

Because if he is not for truth.
If he is not for love.

He will bring bad things to his friend.

And will be no kind of friend at all.


She just kinda stopped chatting after that last one. It's right to her and I will stand by what it means in our friendship.


We are supposed to be like the moon and reflect the glory o the Son!