A German Bishop In Trouble


Jutta H.

(Prosecuting attorney's office applies for order of summary punishment in lieu of an oath against Limburger bishop because of false testimony.)



Limburg (dpa) New reproaches always get loud against the Limburg bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz Van Elst before his Rome journey. According to a report of the «FAZ (German Newspaper)» building costs shall have been covered up under the responsibility of the bishop for years. Diocese speaker Martin Wind said he could not say since when the bishop of the cost increase has known. Wind confirmed subsequent costs still could come toward the diocese, e.g. because of possible damages to streets and house façades. The «Welt am Sonntag» reports altogether, about 40 million euros would come together well.
The transgressions and lies of a bishop with proofs.
Unfortunately, all these articles are in German. Is there to report about it a little in the foreign press?

I found this at ABC: