A humble prayer

A humble prayer

Let us praise the LORD God tonight
For every thing that he has bestowed upon us
Even through our times of trial
And grief, and suffering
We praise Him even
For His glory and wisdom
As it is He who has dominion
Over the entire earth
Lo we stand as strangers here
Exiled from the world
But in His sight we are His children
Made perfect by His love
So rejoice, rejoice in His name!
And shout it in all the nations
Proclaiming His gospel to every soul
And spreading His love by our actions
As it is His will for us to do
As we should not continue to obey sin,
Knowing it is God who has conquered this
Through His Son on the cross
And truly what love He must have
So as to give His perfect Son
For mere sinners like ourselves
And by this we sing our praise across the land,
Without shame, with confidence,
So that God may be exalted as we are humbled,
Humbled by his mercy and his grace,
That we are so grateful for,
Thus let us not spend another day,
In sin, lusting and stumbling as in times past,
For it has been written,
That we have put on the new man,
The one created according to God's likeness,
Whom we praise continually,
And so it is our very calling,
As has also been written,
That we should be kind and compassionate to one another,
Forgiving one another,
Just as God has already forgiven us in Christ,
And embracing both the brethren,
And the lost
Loving them both and doing good in His name,
For the sake of His kingdom come,
Which we shall assuredly serve in,
Therefore as we have been commissioned,
This we should now do
By and through the power of the One who has said this,
He who shall help us not to stumble,
He who shall be our light in the dark,
He who shall keep us from evil,
And be the sun rising from the night sky,
This we have been promised,
And we have been waiting,
For God's promise is sure,
Comforting us in times of trouble,
And helping us to remember Him even as we grieve,
Because our own pains are as smoke,
As smoke compared to the fiery ember of His love,
Which is endless and matchless,
It never changes, as His Word,
For all these things are sufficient,
And it is for this we praise,
For we serve an awesome God,
This is so for it has been written
and hereby stated again,
Because He who is our salvation wills it to be,
And He shall reign for ever, and for ever,
To the God Most High who forgives us,
To Him be all the glory,
As we submit humbly to You in prayer O Lord,
Please help us tonight
To be more righteous, to be more like Christ,
To live as you would have it,
Not our will but Your will,
For though our minds resonate evil continually,
In the heart by Your Holy Spirit,
We seek You and Your ways,
And the Kingdom of God
That we have been assured.
Therefore to those in need, and hurting,
And lost, and lonely,
And everyone who needs Your help tonight.
I pray God that You shall deliver them.
And that together we shall stand for You,
Standing against the evil which threatens to devour us all,
For this is right and just.
And it is Your holy cause that we shall stand for,
From now, until the end of time.
In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ...


Did you write this!?

Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen!

Let it echo into eternity when I say Amen!
I did, thank you. :)

Indeed, let's have another Amen! :groupray:

(edit: I've been asked with similar posts before whether I want it in the Poetry section or to add copyrights, etc -- I expressly do not wish for any such thing here, thank you.)


Holy Spirit led indeed God Bless you for giving yourself for this and of course much more!


Thank you Azarias.... that is really inspiring.