A lesson learnt.

A lesson learnt over the last month.===>
A returning Christian couple; who are know to a very close contact in China, were loaned a house next to a couple of my wife's non-christian close family, here in the UK.
We knew about these arrangments just before we visited my wife's family.
We agreed that we would deliberately leave things to God to work out & not say that we knew of the couple of Christians next door. I have never been so convicted to keep my mouth shut.
The family we visited brought up the topic, one said ''Thats more than a coincidence ''.
I made sure that I could meet one or both of their neighbours. We did manage it. They said they too would hold back on ''Doing'' the evangelistic thing till they were prompted.
So we are watching ''That space'' as it were.
We have arranged a social meeting around the Christmas break with the close contact from China.