A letter.

A letter.

I walk this lonely road,
Cold and tired,
Hungry for God.
And I am alone.

And I hope for a savior,
To take me from this place,
And be my shelter from the storm.
And I listen.

As the strong gust blows,
I fold my hands and bow my head,
Praying, praying,
And I try to trust in Him.

But I fail, and fall short,
And my doubt intercedes.
I weep bitterly,
And I do not sleep.

Still the Lord God hears my cry,
And as I knock, and seek, and ask,
He makes good on His word.
And He reaches out to me.

But I push away what I do not know,
What I fear, what I do not understand,
For His power and glory are beyond measure.
And I am still lonely.

I embrace my sins again,
Driven back to the Devil,
By my own lack of faith.
And I ignore Him.

But He does not give up on me,
And he reminds me of this,
No matter where I go.
And I am at the lowest place.

This goes on, and on,
And as sinful as I am,
The Lord God is patient,
And He persists.

And as I can ignore Him no longer,
I confess my sins to the Lord,
And plead for His forgiveness,
And I am undeserving of it.

And I shed a tear.
For who can overlook these trangressions?
Yet in his sight I am born again.
And by his grace I am cleansed.

His voice calls out to me in the wilderness,
And I cling to His Word,
For it keeps me on His path.
And through his mercy, I am renewed.

And I cry out for Jesus,
Praying that I might be saved,
And rejoice in His perfect ways.
And I am desperate.

By His sure will, He reaches out to me,
Offering His ever-helping hand,
Taking me into His warm embrace.
And I know that it will be all right.

And I am still cold, and tired,
But no longer alone, for if our God is with us,
Who can be against us?
And I have faith.

I stand here today a sinner, yea,
And I was one yesterday,
And will be tommorow too,
But in Christ Jesus I am anew.
And I am complete.

Original Composition © CFS user Azarius, 2008.
All Rights Reserved.


Thank You .... Did you compose that poem Azarias ?



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Because this is an original composition by one of our members, who resides in the USA, it is now protected under US Copyright laws. We have added the proper statement at the bottom of the original post.


Pastor Gary

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Azarius - If you wish, we can move this fine work of yours into the featured area for "Poetry and Literature" or it can remain here. Please advise what your wishes are. Thanks.