A little about me


Passed on, February 28, 2022
A little about me

To start, the name I use comes from who I am, an attempt to answer the question ' and what do you do?'

I am a singer, a voice crying in the wilderness, a psalmist trying to use the gift God has given me for His glory. (The name actually came from my wife in the Native American tradition.)

I have written some songs and sing others as part of worship. I have even filled in for our pastor with 'Singing Sermons' which combine God's Word with musical interpretation. I have also sung in and directed choirs and even filled in as vocalist with the praise band at church.

While I will listen to most forms of music, I prefer what is called contemporary Christian. Among my favorites are Michael Card, Twila Paris, and Petra.

I do have a day job as an association executive with a nonprofit.

I grew up in and around NYC (Lets Go Mets) and moved around a bit before my wife and I settled in East Tennessee (Go Vols). We've been married 32 years; no human children, but our Eskimo dog is treated like one. My wife is an artist, a very accomplished pen-and-ink illustrator who recently discovered Adobe PhotoShop.

But mostly, I am a sinner saved by Grace; a begger telling other beggers where to find food.
Hello HisManySongs, welcome aboard CFS. :-D
I like contemporary music too. Do you have some site where we could listen to your songs?
Hope the forums enjoyable. :)
pm me anytime.
Welcome! It's nice to meet you, Hismanysongs! I like contemporary Christian too, but I have to admit, I love hymns and Southern Gospel as well.

I hope you like it here and find plenty to talk about.

In Christ,


Welcome. I grew up in Conn cheering on the Mets. However, due to the girls BB rivalry, I moslty wish for Tenn to loose.

Hope you enjoy the forum. If you know of parents who could benefit from a forum with sharing and encouraging one another please let them know about the Family and Parenting portion of this site!

God bless and welcome again.