A Lovely Testimonial About The Old Lady Become Christian After She Died

This testimonial is connected with one old worship song, I love it since I was a teenager, "Abba Bapa" (Abba Father) I don't know well what the true title is but it's about Father and son's conversation how we as His children come to Father in heaven ask a blessing for life and use us for His plans.
I heard this from a reverend, about one Chinese grandma lived in deep little village in Borneo, far from hearing about Jesus and Christianity. She was Buddhist and all her family too.
One day, because old age, she died in hospital, her soul leaving her body and going to the dead world, she is being dragged down by evil spirit there, she couldn't free from that big evil spirit no matter how hard she tried. Then she saw up above her like a big place, so shining and sparkle, she saw it very nice place, she heard many peoples singing a song there, the song giving her a calm feeling. When she told that evil spirit she wants to go there, the evil spirit answer her that she couldn't go there because that place is only for Jesus follower and she is belong to down place (Hell I guess). Because she is still wants to go there but she couldn't, she is trying to follow the song she heard there, when she began to sing, that evil spirit seems like being hurt by the song and go away.
At that time, she run to the the big place, and meet the angel who stood there guarding the very big door. She told the angel that she wants to go inside, the angel refused and said that she couldn't because she doesn't belong to Jesus. She answered that she doesn't know who Jesus is because nobody telling her about Him but she still wants to go inside, but the angel still said no.
Then Jesus come to her, He is so shining, with long hair, long white robe and golden sandal (same with other witness statements), Jesus told her that she could go inside if she accepts Him as her Savior, she said yes, so Jesus told her that she will be given 7 days and she must be baptized, she and all her family then He will take her to heaven.
Then she began wake up again, everyone near her (even the doctor!) shocked because she is come alive again and began to sing the song they never heard.Her grandson who come from big city and a Christian, confused how his grandma knows about Christian song, so when the old lady telling her story about Jesus, they accepting Jesus and baptized. Like promised, after 7 days, the old lady died (again) but now she goes to heaven. The song she heard in heaven is this song.

PS: About promises in days, I just remember about my grandpa, before he died in his 50s, because of his illness (I don't know why he doesn't ask for healing from Jesus but maybe he surrender all his fate in God's hand) he told my grandma that he already pray and ask Jesus to promise him, to take him away in 4 days if his eyes couldn't see anything again, because he doesn't want to become a burden for his family, he told her to make the church arranging everything on Saturday. Tuesday he told her, then on Saturday he rest in peace, Jesus really kept the promise to take him.

:):D I hope you are not become sleepy when read all my threads and sorry for my bad english:oops: :rolleyes: