A question to smellycat

A question to smellycat

II dont know you but from what im reading it seems you are carrying very deep wounds asnd gioing through some trying times im praying that God will meet with you and heal you and your family on the same token i sense tghat you have hard feelings toward me and are very critical of mny life please you dont know me at all whatever it is that you think you know only God truly knows my hearrt i dont say this in asny unfriendly way you are a fellow believer as am i i love you in Christ i hope that God heals all hearts and mends relationships betqween His precious people where ever thy are and whatever level of walk they are at God bless you yours in Christ i God be for us whop can be against us God bless in Jesus
Hi wounded -

I know SC (that's his nickname for me!), and if he seems to have anything against you - he doesn't! I assure you of that.

SC just expresses his opinions and ideas differently than we do - that's what I like about him. He's the sweetest person you could ever meet once you get to know him personally.

It takes a while getting used to SC, but once you do...oh, wow, he's a great friend!!:D

hehe, well, SmellyCat and I have had our differences too. But everyone does. No two people agree on everything. We all just need to learn to live with differing opinions, thats all.

Don't take things personal. Theres no reason to. SmellyCat is a good man with strong convictions like many of us.

God Bless!!


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hi wounded sorry i never read this sooner.i have no problems with you.:)i,m sorry if i come across in a wrong fashion.i try to attack the spirit not the man.we have to get beyond human minds and into spiritual matters.i hope to get to know you good.:)
thanks micheal hope you dotn mind me calling yiou by your name its so true we have to fight against the enemy we are in a battle Paul made that clear to us from his teachings but the greatest weapon we qas bwelievers have is love because God is love
Mikey is the funniest guy.. the way he writes :D but I love him so much he's really sweet and loves Jesus and hates Satan and this world with a passion like me =D

edit: but something really interests me and it's his signature. I never understood its true meaning :p


Yes Michael.... Do you feel the love ? We all think you are special and God does think of you like that because we are all special in His eyes.

Love you brother .