a question



a question

I'm a muslim who is very interested in christianity. I'm on the endge of chrisitening. I love the christian way of looking at life and death.
Still one question bothers me and that is 'Why did God have to die to save the world?'
Aug 9, 2007
'Why did God have to die to save the world?'
First, He didn't have to.
If He had to, then it wouldn't have been out of love for mankind.
He could have simply given up on all of us and allowed us to die.

God is just, and therefore, God cannot simply forget the price that has to be paid. That would be un-just.

There are things that God cannot do. God cannot lie. If God were to lie, then He would no longer be God.

Just like love cannot be forced. If love is forced, it immediately ceases to be love.

And God cannot be unjust.

Since God is without sin, and cannot be in the presence of sin, our sinfulness prevents us from being in His presence.
The wages of sin is death, that is, eternal seperation from God. The second death. (Hell)

The only Atonement sufficient for sin, is sinlessness, the only just payment for imperfection is the sacrifice of absolute perfection.

A "really, really good person" wouldn't have been enough. The full price had to be paid, and that was only possible in the death of God in the flesh, absolute perfection, absolute sinlessness.

(Note: God the Father did not die, nor did God the Holy Spirit. God the Son gave up His life that we might have eternal life. In taking His life back up again, He has shown all mankind that He has the authority over life and death, and that through His resurrection, we too shall be resurrected and restored to what we were originally created to be.)