A real basic

Seems to be the things UK kids no longer know...

Take a bit of cooking oil. I like olive
Heat it up and fry some onion
If you fancy fry some spices with it
If say you are doing mince.(I think in US terms) ground meat brown it of it the mix
Maybe add a can of plum tomatoes to the mix
Maybe chop some carrot or sweet corn or peas
Maybe add something else like celery salt.

It is IMO more difficult to create something inedeble this way than something you can enjoy.

From there you can play..
I can work with that. I will let you know what i come up with. sounds like stir fry Hawaiian. YESSSSSSSSSSSS that is what I will make it!! yes yes yes. Thanks man for the idea. i cook a lot here. GBU

LoL... reminds me of what my Grandmother (paternal, born and bred southern girl) said when she saw my other Grandmother (maternal, born and bred northern ranch girl) cooking steak, "Any time you see someone start a meal by heating a cast iron pan, and cooking off a mess o' bacon, you know you're in for some good food"