A robot has been created which is powered by a rat's "brain"

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Aug 9, 2007
When man first learned how to harness electricity he discovered that it was possible to direct an electrical current using wire.

Later he discovered that some metals work better than others, ie. gold is much more efficient than copper.

Man's design has problems however, for one it isn't water proof, for another it is inefficient, there is always a loss of current. Man's design will eventually corrode, it is subject to interferance, and on and on.

What these scientists have done is to grow synapse nerves in a labratory. The synapse nerves are what brains use to conduct and to transmit electrical currents.
They are incredibly efficient, they are water proof, you can even run an entire human body, billions and billions of simultaneous transmissions every milisecound from a small brain.

No wires needed!

God's design is truly incredible.

I pray that the better we come to understand His design, the better equipped we will be to help others overcome medical problems.


So true brother! Man's accomplishment has not even scratched the surface of the creation that God has put here for us to explore.
Atoms are smaller than light waves and cannot even be seen in the conventional sense. Then there are neutrons, protons, electrons and sub atomic particles. I suspect the smaller the parts we can view the more parts we will find. In the same way the universe is to vast for us to see in it's fullness and the farther we look the more we find. God's work is indeed awesome, we can never discover even one thing that He in His infinite wisdom did not create and place here for us- it kind of blows my mind when I start thinking about it and how it's great complexity is but a small reflection of His infinite glory.
Jul 15, 2007
Hudson, FL
While I'm impressed by what God has allowed man to accomplish, I will really be impressed when man is able to create matter from nothing and then create life from dead matter as God did.