A Sight To See/ Poetry

I often wondered what it would be like in heaven, all the things that we would see.
So I let my thoughts just carry me away, to that place I have longed to be.

Where the sky is oh so beautiful, and is always blue each day. The fragrance is one that only God could create, that would melt all your worry away.

I walked down all those heavenly roads; I saw flowers and none were the same.
The people I passed brought joy to my heart, for all of them knew me by name.

I saw beautiful angels who were praising the Lord, messengers who were doing His will.
I even saw children who were servants in heaven, when He spoke they were ever so still.

It feels like His love surrounds you, and what joy to be there with the Lord.
While He speaks they all listen, like their absorbing His words, which are sharper than any two edged sword.

The grass is so green and the water so pure, and nowhere do you find any sin.
Wherever you walk you are filled with His joy, and this happens again and again.

You never see darkness only the brightest of light, that illuminates straight from His throne.
No one is sad or hurt anywhere, for His presence is always shown.

I saw many of great mansions that were lining the roads; they were so bright and so beautiful too.
The streets were so shiny it was like walking on gold, with its brightness reflecting off you.

Animals were playing and children were laughing, and people were having a ball.
There was no one in want or had a need for a thing, for God has given it all.

It is kind of like earth except for the splendor and everything there always looks new.
Before you ask for whatever you want, the Savior He gives it to you.

Oh, heaven will be such a glorious sight, that no human could describe such a place.
It is far beyond our mortal minds, and it is not limited to outer space.

Now that I have taken a walk in my mind, to the place that the bible says will be.
I wait for the day when He calls us to Him, and then He will allow us to see.

The beauty and splendor I could never explain, a place that my eyes have never seen.
A world so great and so wonderfully created a place that is holy and clean.

One day soon we will finally stop dreaming, and wondering how heaven will be.
For there up in heaven I see a door slowly opening, I see Jesus and He is coming for me.