A SOLDIER'S MENTALITY (Encouraging Word)

7/22 A Soldier's Mentality (2 Samuel 11:10-11) We are soldiers in the army of the Lord and we need to have the testimony of Uriah, a mighty man of valor but also integrity, who had more concern for his fellow soldiers than he did for himself. The encouraging word and video devotional with Minister Jeff Fannell. For others visit www.ongoodground.org
That is the mind every one of us must have. Thank you for the video! I was and still am thought of as foolishly brave by my fellow warriors. My greatest and most fulfilling duty in the Vietnam War was Close Combat Support. My role was on the helicopter that brought their meals, ammo, replacements and hot coffee, I was their servant, just as I am God´s. I out ranked most of them and yet I was their servant.

When the Med-Evac refused to land because of the fire-fight on the ground, they called the Killer Spades because we were nuts and landed anywhere when a life was involved. I wear miniatures of my medals on my hat these days and the real ones hang in a shadow box but all of them serve one purpose, I volunteered to be a servant, they remind me of that! And when I fell down on my face I volunteered to be my Father´s servant and the cross always reminds me of that.

Once more, thank you.