A song of praise

A song of praise


O Lord
Our God,
We are thankful tonight,
For all that you have given us,
And seen fit to give us,
No, not of the worldly things,
But of the things only You can give us,
Thy word,
Thy grace,
Thy power,
Thy mercy,
And thy Son.
O yes, thy Son.
Our Savior,
The Savior of the entire world.
If only they would accept him.
Many may deny him,
And reject the very light of the world,
But they live in darkness.
Forgive them for their trespasses,
And open their hearts to You, Lord,
For it is only through You, Lord,
That any man can be complete,
Thy will be done in heaven,
And on earth,
Forever, and forever,
In Jesus' name...

O Jesus,
Protect me,
I'm falling,
And lost.
O Jesus,
Please save me,
From my sin on the cross.
O Jesus,
I'm dying,
I'm dying to sin.
O Jesus,
Why did this have to begin?
O Jesus,
my Savior,
The Savior of earth.
O Jesus,
What has become of Your birth?
O Jesus,
Please help me,
Help me to not give in.
O Jesus,
My Lord,
please save me from sin!
O Jesus,
Thy mercy,
And grace,
O Jesus,
For us,
You were nailed.
O Jesus,
You are the Lord of earth.
O Jesus,
Yes Jesus, I'll spread your worth.
O Jesus,
Why must this go on?
O Jesus,
My Jesus,
Thy will be done.
O Jesus,
Lord Jesus,
Our rightful king.
O Jesus,
What joy You bring!
O Jesus,
Your love,
For man abounds.
O Jesus,
With you,
Who could frown?
O Jesus,
O Jesus,
Savior of earth.
O Jesus,
Yes Jesus,
I will believe.

For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16, NKJV).

Original Composition (excluding the NKJV Bible text) © CFS user Azarius, 2008. All Rights Reserved. Any similarity or likeness to any other song, poem or compositional is purely coincidental and unintentional.