A sweet blessing

A sweet blessing

My thanksgiving cactus is in bloom right now..how nice of it to bloom right on time for this sweet holiday!



Oh no mine were mild..LOL I like the sweet ones:D Yes I am a weenie..LOL

I grow lots of veggies and flowers...and have many indoor cactus and succulents.
Lucky you!! I have planted tomatoes and green onions and the squirrels ate more than I did so I started planting something they didn't like and that happened to be peppers.
wow that is interesting I never have trouble with the squirells in my veggie garden. Now the strawberries they love:) Bt it doesnt help that I pick them fresh and hand feed them to the squirells..LOL

I also have feeders up for them and the birds to help keep them out of the gardens. I keep them well supplied:D
Well over the place I planted them is a very, very old oak tree..and I guess they wanted something different to eat other than all of those acorns.
Your cactus is very pretty! I was supposed to get a cactus from my grandmother on Thanksgiving, but I forgot it at her house. Hopefully my dad will bring it to me next time he comes to visit.
Some do and some dont but they dont hurt, they are not like cactus. I have a smooth one also and i love the feel of it..LOL Ther are soooooo many varieties.