A Testamony

A Testamony

Hello All! I wanted to be in a place were good and pure hearts rejoice in the name of the Lord. Here is a testamony to why I became a Christain.

First off, in first grade I met my best friend Jason. His family was really religious. Unfortunatlly mine was not, but my grandparents had me baptized in the catholic church when I was a baby. His family introduced me into the church. I was very young and didnt understand much. I remeber one night I was spending at Jason's I asked him about God. We was young but he made it perfectly clear and I believed. He told me to pray and the Holy Spirit will come and save me. So I did that night. I remember having a dream and I was standing there and there was a figure with a white glow. I remember it speaking to me and I dont remember what it said. But the next day I felt calm and right. I didnt know what happened. Ever since that night I wanted to know more about God.

Untill I high school I went to church and believe in God but didnt know how to be a Christian or what to do. I was still in sin and had personal problems inside the family. I dont recall if it was freshman year or sophmore year I went to Jason's church and said the prayer to be saved. I didnt know if I really meant it or not, but I wasnt sure. So this has happened alot with the same out come, wanting to be saved and saying that prayer and still not sure if I meant it. Maybe I dont know how to truely mean it because there was some kind of block.

Jason passed away in 2003, and I believe one of his purposes in life was to intruduce me to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Later on in that year I really thought I meant it this time when I said that prayer to be saved. I felt better for a couple of weeks and then I went back into my sinful nature. I did this a couple of times. Then I stopped praying because I did not want to lie to Him anymore. So for several years I still believed in him just lived this sinful life because I did not want to lie to him because I knew I what I was doing was wrong.

I joined a baptist church and I got baptized. Still no change in my perception and I was still the same person. I think it was because my motives wasnt right and my heart wasnt in it.

Later on I started to lust. At some points I wanted to stop, but it was overbearing. I knew it was wrong. I did it in secret so it didnt really hurt anyone. Then I got scared. Something scared me. I didnt know if that was God warning me. And I knew if I didnt stop it would take over my life. I could see my self being a christian or a better christian in my future. Because I am a good moral person to others. I am not like the world nor do I want to be a part of it. James 4:4 "You adultereous people, dont you know that friendship with the world is hatred toward God? Anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God." Being not like society today and not doing what alot of people do today in this world does not intrest me nor do I fit in with those poeple. With that said I believe God wants me to get closer to him. So I layed down my life in front of him and sumbited my self to him August 29th 2007 because I was scared and I knew I wanted to be with Him. My lust is diming slowly and I refuse to feel that way anymore. Temptation is still there and I refuse to take the bait. Am I being tested? How do I overcome this and make it go away. What prayers, and what verses can help me do this?

Fist off let me say you never lied to God you only lied to yourself everytime you said a prayer and didnt mean it. God knows what is in our hearts and when we are being truthful or not. Temptation is something we ALL as christians struggle with, God does not tempt us only the devil does, plead the blood of Jesus everything the temptation is too strong that is what I have to do a lot of the time although I fall more times that I suceed.

Read Psalms that has a lot about God protection and overcoming

God bless you!
FarsightX3, allow me to just help you sort off abit, about your emotional struggle, harm you are no stranger to so you recognize how to back away from things even if they are for your own good, I mention this because of your refusal to accept the spiritual nature of thoughtful prayer. That temptation is too boggling to bear, you need to get it right..

Anyways you aught to be strong in acceptance of what is benefitful for you in riding you of all misery for your very own good. I say this as your mentor. May you contribute yourself to success from now on. Be good cheer that you may be on God's side in life. It's OK. You can become anything you want on your inner self, sure must be attentive to cooperate along with others who are there for you also, to be better for yourself and be of significant demand in life.

Welcome Be With You
Thank you both. Yes it seems I do have an emotional struggle with things. When I do pray I do mean well and have all the right intentions. Ive always thought a women from God would help my emotional issues but I need to seek God in true.
Thank you both. Yes it seems I do have an emotional struggle with things. When I do pray I do mean well and have all the right intentions. Ive always thought a women from God would help my emotional issues but I need to seek God in true.

LOL :eek: a women from God would make it better??:eek: uh no i think that would make it worse...me knowing I am a women lol Seek God for yourself and then I guess get some lady in christ ofcourse. I think single is the way to go because God can use you more.
Hello, FarsightX3!!!

That's nice you are here!

God bless you!


But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.
FarsightX3- the scripture declares we are changed into His image as we behold Him- it is our job to keep Christ as the focus of our heatrs and lives- the more we look at Him the more we become like Him, the more we look at the world the less we look like Him. The answer then must be to spend our day in prayer, in His Word, in worship and in fellowship with His Holy Spirit- working- share your work day with Him, playing-share you leisure with Him, shopping, mowing the grass- etc- each and every thing we do we do in union with our paraclete (one who walks by our side) the Holy Spirit. It is He who reveal the Father to us, it is He who will reveal the Son to us and it is He that will lead us and guide us each and every step of our lives- Indeed every step taken at His leading brings us closer to the Master's heart! Many blessings in His Name- brother Larry