A testimony

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A testimony

A nice group from an un-named church in Florida came to Victory Fellowship last week and between the two churches launched a massive evangelistic campaign in 3 local cities and a few outlying areas which resulted in 15,000 people getting saved in one weekend. I only saw one problem -I missed it all because I am still moving into my new home- ARGHH-
My Father-inlaw is an awesome man of God- 88 years old an active prison minister in several local penal msystems and bible study leader/evangelist in local nursing homes tells me he went to 14 nursing homes in two days- wow- what a blessing to be used by God and to be so strong at his age- anyway just thought I would share this with you guys as it really had me rejoicing and I aways lkie to spread good news- many blessings Larry
Amen, God is great, His Love surpass all understanding....88 years old still going strong, that is God work at Hand..brother.

Heavenly Father, Ancient of Days, the One Who was and Who Is and Who Is to Come, You are Love and You deserve praise, In Jesus Christ name I praise and Glorify Your name. Father I just pray that all 15000 people saved as my fellow saints has testify , will just meet/see You themselves, and I am assure we can't be the same when we have wrestled with YOU..Hope they reach the level of commitment, of Loving You all the time, no matter comes on their way....I pray that God You reveal yourself to them each and everyday, may they see Your beauty in every circumstances they go Through, some will even have problem in their families because they've accepted You, but I know You going to keep them, to You, comfort them, give them Love, strength and courage to live for You, no matter what people say, I pray in the name above every name, the precious name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth..Amen
Awesome prayer Nathi - I am in agreement with you in every detail- God bless you- brother Larry
Lots of inspiration going on here..... Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

Thanks you all.!!! You would almost think I am American. Ha Ha.
It is so awesome to hear when there is a revival that takes place amongst multiple churches and multitudes are saved. I wish more of that were going on in this country. God is so awesome!! :dance: