A Theory About The Spirit...

I've been going through the bible and trying to make sense of it all....trying to put the pieces back together. Some people say that the bible contradicts itself, but I believe that it doesn't. It seems like it does, because we don't understand all the things written in the bible..some things remain a mystery. They remain a mystery not because they are not written in the bible, but because we don't understand what all the words mean, were referring to, or in what context they were written. Now, in trying to piece things together, I have arrived at a theory on how all creation flows from God. This theory is based on the premise that God became 'more of himself' (If you don't understand what this means, please read the thread God became more of himself in this forum). Again, I reiterate that the theory that 'God became more of himself ' does not contradict the bible in any way. I would also like to reaffirm that I am a born again Christian who believes that the bible is the true word of God. Therefore, I am in no way trying to alter what the bible says, or come up with a new doctrine that contradicts what God says in his word......or trying to violate how God says that we should relate with him. I am simply interpreting what the bible says based on my everyday life and surroundings....and also trying to make God's word move from just being words in a book, to seeing them become real in my world and in God's creation all around me.In fact, I welcome anyone who finds that I have violated what the bible says in anyway, to correct me, because all I'm trying to do is to understand the bible just like any other Christian.

Now, the theory that God became 'more of himself', is founded on the assumption that God began to exist from nothing, as a minute spec, and became 'more of himself' until creation existed. If this is true, it means that as God was becoming 'more of himself', he kept cropping up a new creation that was more of himself each time he expanded.

Now, don't get me wrong, when I Say that God began to exist as a minute spec....the word spec here does not refer to a particle or anything solid...Infact my theory is that it might have been a spec of nothingness. When I say spec, all i'm trying to describe is something really, really, small and tiny, so don't take the word 'spec' literally.

All the new creation contains all the qualities of its source. The new creation then evolves and gets its own new identity and nature (assumption here is that evolution is a result of interacting with your surroundings/other new creation/ other older creation/ environment/ and source) ..therefore the superficial qualities/values of the new creation, might differ slightly from the qualities/values of it's source ...but deep down it's still the same old'new creation' with the qualities of it's source.

Now, as the new creations were cropping up, some of them wereso drastically different in nature from their source, that a new kind of creation began to exist....much like a rock/ stone begins to exist in the soil....it has a drastically different nature from that of it's source (the soil) but it is still a crop of the soil. The cause of this drastically different nature, can be attributed to a gradual ordrastic self-initiated change from God when he was continuing to become 'more of himself' or expand.

Now, with that bit explained, the theory goes like this..

God began to exist as a minute spec, and became 'more of himself' until new creations like heat, cold, darkness, light, e.t.c, that were drastically different in nature from their source, began to exist. (Please note, these 'new creations' mentioned in the previous sentence,are most likely not the earliest 'new creations'of God. They are just examples in an attempt to try and explain how all things flow from God to our adjacent surroundings wherever we are).

Now, these new creations interacted with each other and cropped up other new creations that were also drastically different in nature from them....that were solid in nature, liquid in nature, of a gaseous nature, and of an energy nature. Examples of this are water, air, soil, electricity, e.t.c. The new creations (that were 'more of themselves') that were solid in nature, liquid in nature, of a gaseous nature, and of an energy nature, continued to crop up more new creations that were of the same nature as themselves, and others that were of a drastically different nature than themselves....and so on. Now, the bible in Genesis does not tell us when or how the soil, water, air, e.t.c were created, it only tells us that God separated the land from the water, formed man from the soil, separated the waters on the ground (earth) from the waters in the heavens/sky (vapour), e.t.c.

My theory is that whenever the bible talks about princes , it is referring to these 'new creations' that have a nature that is drastically different from that of it's source.....like I said, much like a rock/ stone is drastically different in nature/form, from the soil that it is made from. The bible says that princes are like 'gods'....they are like creators of the 'more of themselves'...for instance the prince of water is like the creator of all the 'more of himself' (water droplets)..because he became more of himself...from beginning to exist as a minute spec , with a nature that is drastically different from that of it's source, and expanding to the extent that the 'more of himself' with a different form, is quite a lot in creation.

If for instance, you are a crop of the prince of water, then your essence (soul) would be made of water. I believe that this is what your spirit is. So, you would have a water spirit and a human body made from the earth. When you die, you leave your human body, and your essence (water spirit), goes to heaven for instance.

The bible says that God is spirit....I know that this (spirit) could be a type of material that all creation is made from, but I also interpret it to mean that it is your essence....i.e. What your core being is made from e.g. water, air, heat, light, e.t.c. When the bible says that “God is spirit”, it could mean that God always retains his core nature of existence i.e. he does not wear a body, for instance or wear another creation. The bible says that “God requires for us to relate with him in spirit and in truth”....I think that this means that God requires that you relate with the source of all things through core nature of your being / your core nature of existence (your core essence...soul)...i.e. If you are a water spirit, relate with him as a water spirit, not just as a human being.

Therefore, when you talk about the spiritual realm, it could be the realm where people exist in the form of the core nature of their existence...i.e....as water, heat, light, energy, e.t.c

Therefore when the bible says that Jesus is the Prince of life, it could mean that life is 'more of himself'. And when it says that Jesus is a Prince of princes, it could mean that he is the source of the princes. Now, it all makes sense how Jesus is both God, and a Son of GOD. All princes are 'more of himself' of Jesus. This means that the devil is a crop of Jesus because he is a prince of the air.

Principality means the dominion of prince, or the territories ruled by the prince. I guess the dominion of a prince includes all the 'more of himself' and all the creation that the 'more of himself' influences.

Please note that princes are still 'more of himself' of God theFather...God the Father is the 'mud' that princes are made from. Therefore God allows them to have free will just like the rest of creation....but the 'mud' the princes are made from, can take control of them any time. And also, princes are still a creation even if they are like gods. A good scripture that talks about how the mud you are made from can take control over you any time is.....Romans 9:21 (KJV), it says "...Hath not the potter (God) power over the clay (mud)...".

Based on this theory, you can clearly see that there is only ONE GOD, and ONE CREATOR (God the Father), but Jesus is still (based on truth of how all creation exists) both God (a creator/ a Prince of princes) and a Son (a crop).

As I was thinking about my theory regarding the spirit, I realized that I made a grave error. I realized that according to the bible, the spirit of Man was not made from a prince who became 'more of himself'. In Genesis, God made Man from the earth and breathed life into him. Therefore, since we leave the body (earth) behind when we die, then Man's spirit must be made from God's breath. We are therefore made directly from God the Father himself...i.e. we are 'more of himself' of God the Father directly...we are 'more of himself' of God's breath directly. There is no prince in between Man and God the Father...there is no prince in between Man and the source of all creation. Therefore my earlier conclusion that it is possible for humans to have a water spirit, was totally misguided. I guess that is why the bible says that we (man) are like gods, because we are 'more of himself' of God directly and not through a prince like the other 'new creation'. We are also 'more of himself' of the first Man through the way that God ordained for all creation to increase and become 'more of itself' (remember Woman was formed from the first Man also). This theory of princes, tries to reveal (based on truth of how all creation exists) how Jesus is both God and a Son. Because Jesus is the Prince of princes (i.e. all princes are 'more of himself'), it is easy to see how this bible verse could be..."All things were created through him and for him"....because all things were created through life and for life's pleasure..because Jesus is the Prince of Life.

Jesus said "No one goes to the father except through me"..so I guess even though our spirits were created from God's breath directly, we cannot go to the Father except through life (Jesus). Remember Jesus said "I am the way, the truth, and the Life".

There are some supporting verses of this theory that creation cropped up from the princes i.e. creation is 'more of itself' of it's most adjacent source (most probably a prince)...all except for Man and probably the Angels.

Consider the following verses...

  1. Genesis 1:20 " And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven."....So God in this verse commanded the sea creatures and the birds of the air to crop up from creation...He did not form them directly like he did Man. They were not directly 'more of himself' (breath) like man was. Therefore sea creatures and birds of the air could be crops of princes.

  2. Genesis 1:24 "And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so.".........So God in this verse commanded all the animals to crop up from creation...Again, he did not form them directly like he did Man. They were not directly 'more of himself' (breath) like man was. Therefore animals could also be crops of princes.

  3. Genesis 1:11 "And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.".....So God in this verse commanded all the plants and vegetation to crop up from creation...Again, he did not form them directly like he did Man. They were not directly 'more of himself' (breath) like man was. Therefore all plants and vegetation could also be crops of princes.

  4. Genesis 1:7 "And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul."...According to this verse Man's soul (essence) began to exist from God's breath. And so it is true, that we are 'more of himself' of God's breath. We were created directly from the source of all creation. No other creation is created like that except probably the Angels. Therefore this means that in the Order of Creation (i.e. the order in which all creation flows from the source of all things to it's most adjacent source) Man, is next to God the Father, even if he began to exist after all other creation had existed. This is because Man's most adjacent source is God the Father...we are more of himself of God the Father. I think this is what makes Man special in all of creation...that we flow directly from the source of all creation, not from a prince like the rest of God's creation.

  5. Colossians 1:16"For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him."...According to this verse, all things were created through Jesus and for Jesus. Note, it also says that rulers (including all princes), authorities, thrones and powers were created through him... Although, Jesus is not their true creator because the true creator of all things is the 'mud' all things are made from....and Jesus is still a crop of the 'mud' all things are made from...., not the source of all things. Therefore, because Jesus is the Prince of Life, all things were created through him...this is evident in all creation because all things need life to exist..having life is called 'being alive'.....without life it is called 'death'. And we all know, you can't have pleasure without life....i.e. you need to be alive to have pleasure. Life is a gift!

  6. Revelation 4:11"Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created."