A vision

A vision

My mind is being filed, a vision of many different papers/folders and documents in my mind are being refiled, indexed correctly as ABCDE etc.
Thats what I get, I know what it means..
Cant discern if its just my flesh or God.
Mabye someone has some biblical advice, or had a experience like this..

When I break it down I can see different levels.
My thought.
The Holy Spirit
other demons.

But I lack the ability to see clearly who is what at the time.
Except these other visions, when I look back at the time of thought, I look deep in to the thought and get a vision of either Good entity sitting next to me or an evil or none at all.
I look back on memories, and see angles around the memory, as in; in there..
Kinda like one would see a entity in a photo but not real life, you know?? them stories
These memories I look back on, can see angles standing around in the memory and I cant help but wonder if they are really there, or its just me.
Same with satan and his demons, I see them sometimes when I look back, but again is it just me or is it really them?

My mind is scattered, truly.
I think God is breaking it down, changing it as He promised He would...
First and foremost you need to determine if the vision agrees with scripture or not and if it doesn't, at any point, it is not from God.
Mathematics and order tends to be a basic creation order equally redeemable by God as subversible by the enemy .

so long as the fruit is good . it's most likely part of Romans 12:1-2