A vision


Jun 28, 2010
A vision

My mind is being filed, a vision of many different papers/folders and documents in my mind are being refiled, indexed correctly as ABCDE etc.
Thats what I get, I know what it means..
Cant discern if its just my flesh or God.
Mabye someone has some biblical advice, or had a experience like this..

When I break it down I can see different levels.
My thought.
The Holy Spirit
other demons.

But I lack the ability to see clearly who is what at the time.
Except these other visions, when I look back at the time of thought, I look deep in to the thought and get a vision of either Good entity sitting next to me or an evil or none at all.
I look back on memories, and see angles around the memory, as in; in there..
Kinda like one would see a entity in a photo but not real life, you know?? them stories
These memories I look back on, can see angles standing around in the memory and I cant help but wonder if they are really there, or its just me.
Same with satan and his demons, I see them sometimes when I look back, but again is it just me or is it really them?

My mind is scattered, truly.
I think God is breaking it down, changing it as He promised He would...