A warm hello to All Aboard

A warm hello to All Aboard

wanted to begin by sending all aboard a warm Hello
Ive been searching for a great place to stretch learn and discover more and this board stood out to me .
I am very happily married ,and have a grown up daughter
19 going on 40 :smiley160: or it seems that way . Ive been Blessed with the fact she seemingly skipped the terrible teens syndrome . I currently work and am looking into going into pediatric nursing school ,it has not happened yet and so I am grateful in a way because I just recently lost my Father and I thought I was taking it Weller than I really Am :smiley140: prayer for grief would be so appreciated . I may wind up actually moving across the country to maintain what will always be home ,it is just so hard a decision to make . I am Blessed with a wonderful Twin sister , yes I am a twin ,were very close but I think I may be picking up most her Tears these days ,we were both very close with our Father and Mother loosing them undoubtedly will impact us forever
Welcome to CFS. Very glad that you took the time to find us. Please feel free to fellowship with our members and I'd just like to mention that some of your account features will be opened up to you more and more as you post and reply.

Nice to have you with us in our Christian family - Blessings to you.

I am going to try to get a avatar at some point

I have a Important class coming up (study in the word)
we have this 2 a week and it got moved around this week
We have it in a wonderful Christian friends home this week
as the facility is being used for youth activities this week
so I hope to fill in the missing blanks with what I left out in Introduction .
:welcome::welcome::welcome: to CFS. We are glad you decided to join us. We look forward to hearing from you.

God bless,

Thank you godbe4me for your awesome :welcome:
I just Love your graphics with Jesus and the little Lamb
It is precious in every way something can be

:smiley160: Hi Goodwin17 I am very exited about this site
and I hope to get a young one in the beginner's section if possible ,Im praying for it . I believe the younger reached the better . My Grandmother got me when I was yound and now I confess I so so so appreciate that she did :smiley160:

GBU Tavy
:heart: A generous God Bless to all for the wonderful welcome's

It has lifted me up tremendously :smiley90:

Bless you Tavy , your post is as bright as a Happy Little Butterfly

It is very wonderful to have you here at the forum with us! Praying for your you and your family with your loss, i understand, my dad's birthday was the 21 and it hurt, i don't remember him and it hurt. I pray that the LORD will give you comfort and restore your joy, and I pray you find much encouragment here!
WELCOME Elijah....

I 'love' these verses: Psalms 56:8-9

Put my (David) tears into Your bottle...

Are they not in Your book?

When I cry out to You,

Isn't these verses beautiful?

God recorded David's tears while running from his enemies,and God did not forget his suffering~

I bet the Lord has an ocean full of my tears.....

Glad you found this forum...
A really BIG CFS WELCOME to you, EM!!!

There are many loving people here on the forum who I know will love and support you at this time. CFS is THE best Christian forum I've ever found.

Be blessed, and much love to you in Jesus!!

- BM
You all are so wonderfully incredible I was moved deeply this morning logging on ,and finding all these awesome welcomes , it will be impossible to have a blue day today :smiley160: .

I am beginning to recover some from the devastation of loosing my beloved Father . God is teaching me to take it one day at a time your prayer of support is tremendously uplifting New2Christ