A Warm Thought Of Brothership

I'm a Christian. Well, I try to be. I'm sure God would disagree many times with that statement.

I'm a YEC. That means I believe the entire universe was created in 6 literal days almost 6000 years ago (not a single year above 6000, and there are Biblical reasons for that). Well, almost the entire world disagrees with that statement (some of the reactions from my Christian brothers believing in evolution: you're nuts! you have nothing to do with reality!).

But I don't mind that. One of the things that I sometimes dream of is staying YEC even if the entire world, literally, would be evolutionist. Now that would indeed be FAITH, on my part!

But I have to be honest and disagree myself with that statement. It's not only faith, it's science as well. True science (not the science obtused into a specific, naturalistic, worldview).

And speaking of science, I wonder if anyone can contact Ryan Seaberger. Not around for some time, and I'm really interested in cosmology. I noticed his thread “Was Einstein Wrong??”.

In fact, you'd be surprised to know how easy is to show the big bang theory wrong. And no, I’m not exaggerating at all. Neither am I using Creationist arguments - I only use THEIR arguments, because they’re so severely contradicting themselves. Actually, they MUST postulate other universes precisely because this universe contradicts them to such great extent (including this universe not being gravitational and including a privileged location for Earth).

But I'm here mostly about sharing in Christ. I hope I can be of assistance, and I hope some of you would help me as well, in my dire moments. Thank you.

By YEC do you mean young earth creationist? I believe in a literal Genesis as well so I guess that makes me a YEC too. Care to share about the "not one year over 6000" thing? Also, have you heard of answersingenesis? Great site.
By YEC do you mean young earth creationist?

I do.

I believe in a literal Genesis as well so I guess that makes me a YEC too

Yes. And thank you for staying true to the Bible and thus encouraging others to do so as well.

Care to share about the "not one year over 6000" thing?

Sure. The Bible says God declared the end from the beginning. And it also says that a day is for God like a thousand years, and reciprocally a thousand years like a day. But of course time means nothing to God, so it’s only an indication for us.

Given all these, the only possible explanation is that when we reach 6000 years from Creation the world as we know it will stop. Followed by the 1000 years of reign of Christ on Earth (corresponding to the Sabbath day) in which lucifer (chained somewhere) will have no influence whatsoever on the people of Earth, so that mankind would see how a world with God is compared to the previous world without God, and then followed by the final “battle” and then eternity.

According to the Jewish calendar, there are about 180 years or so until the end of the world. However, I have strong reasons to believe that the end of this world is actually less than 50 years away.

Also, have you heard of answersingenesis?


Great site.

Not so great on a few things, including cosmology. But when Jason Lisle was there the situation improved. And it also improved due to contributions from others, such as Russell Humphreys or John Hartnett. However, still not the site that stands to any mainstream scrutiny.

ICR and AIG however do stand well compared to other YEC sites that really don’t. For example, never inform yourself on cosmology from Hovind’s site. But in other regards that one is fine too. In fact, I personally like Hovind most from all the YECs in the world. And I do believe God is with him, so no surprise he was winning all debates.