about 6606


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about 6606

in england the great fire was 1666,battle of hastings 1066.in the ukwe have history of bad times 66.now in revelation it,s 6 three score and 6.which is 6606,so satan is fallen.be careful all.
uh SmellyCat-

I think maybe you should rethink this thru. The "number of his name" - (For the beast in Revelation is 6 hundred 3 score and 6- or 666 not 6606.

Now, as for the dates you gave having to do with Satan or "the first beast", show Scriptural references to tie together how the beast's "number of his name" has anything to do with dates in history.

Read Rev. 13:16-17, the "Mark" of the beast, not a date in time, but what is represented by the name of the beast or "number of his name"- v 18- "for it is the number of a man;and his number is Six hundred three score and six- (or 666)

If it were six thousand three score and six, maybe your assessment would be accurate. But not in this particular example you showed, because God says- "six hundred", besides there not being any Biblical references of the "number of his name" refering to any dates.

Sorry, but thats the way God shows it.

God Bless!!