about our souls

The reason I think the soul is immortal is because the eternal fire that the unsaved end up in is eternal, and the saved have eternal life. The Scripture talking about the eternal flame was in a previous post I had in this thread.

I think the soul consist of emotion, will, intellect. I don't know if scripture entirely backs that up. That is kinda my own speculation.

The Spirit of man is dead, until it is quickened when the person becomes a christian. So the unsaved's spirit is still dead. Therefore man is imcomplete until they become a Christian, our spirit is what communicates with the Holy Spirit. That is taught in the Bible, if you want verses let me know and I'll look them up. Off the top of my head, I think it talks about it somewhere in one of the books of corinthians.
Could you please find the scriptures to support what you are saying about the spirit of man being dead?
I believe that the death the unsaved face is not a physical death but spiritual in the sense of an eternal separation from God in a dimension where their conciousness is totally alone and tormented for eternity.

I don't have exact scripture to back this up but I believe once we are born and are consious our consiousness never never dies. We may be unconcious breifly ( like a good knock on the head ) but after death our consiouness exists forever either in Heaven (eternal life with God) or in hell ( eternal death- no God, alone in torment)

This is just a belief I have formed in my own mind from all my study and religious influence from Gods teachers and my family upbringing.

In the end I don't really care about the details. I am the Lords child and will spend eternity with him. I really enjoy discussing theories with all you though and try to gather more of my aquaintances to the right side of the chasm between heaven and hell by spreading the gospel whenever the oportunity arises.
we have parables that say the crop is ripe.jesus took the keys of death and hell .so no more selfish devil.keeping good souls to himself.he can,t stop us only (we) can stop ourselves.highlights we as 6.
Does that mean only those that are born-again are spirit, soul and body?
(1Thessalonians 5:23); and the unbelievers are just soul and body?