Sep 4, 2007
This is a very good thread and some very good ways to illustrate the need for abstinence. I applaud you young men in this thread who have stated that you are remaining abstinent.

Jax, you are absolutely right that it can be difficult to not awaken things to early in our over sexualized society. When my daughter was in public school, she came home in kindergarten talking about boys and boyfriends. Kindergarten!!!! I have been homeschooling her since the second grade, and I can honestly say that her eyes no longer look at boys that way. She no longer talks about boyfriends or who is "cute." Getting her out of the school system has allowed me a greater ability to keep her a child and focus on important things rather than worrying about her learning about sex from peers and teachers. We can discuss things as they are needed based upon her own physical and mental development, and in a way that we choose to discuss them.
I liked the story. It made a good point.

Might add somethign however, how can you say that abstinance doesn't work if it isn't thoroughly tried?

Meaning, I have seen a plethura of studies about teens and sex and AIDS and the like, but nothing about abstinance. If we do not really teach our children that adstinance will work if you simply put your mind to it.

I know why everyone says abstinance won't work... look at the TV, the internet, billboards on the street and posters in boys bedrooms. Our world is flooded with sexually explicit material. Abstinance was made not to work by the very same people who don't want it to work, society.

A majority of the conservatice mind won't wake up until they are being threatened personally. Christian rights are being hindered by small groups everyday. i.e. the Cross at Soledad, the lady in the park whom was arrested for passing out Bible tracts, the protesters who ar also arrest at gay rallies... do I really need to go on?

The Bible said we would be presecuted, that is clear. But do we have to take it lying down? They took polls during the last two elections... from what I saw only 1/3 to half of the available Christian voters actually wen't to the polls? Does that tell you anything?

I guess what frustrated me is everyone is agreeing with everyone else without finding out for themselves on something. Parents don't like abstinance, hence their children... so why terach their children to abstain, 'they're gonna do it anyway', well of course they are because you have not taught them anything else. You allow the media to tell them that sex is a good and pleasurable thing but then turn around and punish them for doing it. How does this make sense?

I guess I am rambling... but my point is that abstinance has not been thoroughly taught, therefore it can't work because it won't be taught and parents and society today are simply agreeing, 'It won't work!'.

God bless,