ACLJ Poised to File Court Challenge to Proposed Ground Zero Mosque After NYC Declines

I'm a little confused. If this is such a 'big deal' as presented all the right-wing parties, then why are major news stations not even speaking of this situation? I know the media - they love mess like this and this is the perfect story for them to vomit and then screw up over and over again. I don't want to get too political here, but to me, I can't quite verify if this is true or even if this is going to actually happen. People say all kinds of stuff. If this supposed 'mosque' is not built then what else will people find to criticize Obama for? I'm in no way supporting him, but to me, it seems everything he does is wrong, he's the devil incarnate, so on and so forth. It's absolutely disgusting to me. We went from accusations of him not being a citizen, to him being a Muslim, etc. What's next? He's a crack addict and likes to ride his bike at 3 A.M. in a hot pink suit? And please, if you read that in the National Enquirer or any of those other cheap grocery-store horror papers, I feel sorry for you. Really.

Sheesh. If this comment gets removed, whatever.