Are there any other adoptive parents on here??? I have a house full

DD (dear daughter) #1 and #2 by my ex husband, present hubby adopted them when they were teenagers.

Then........... They grew up and we had an empty house. So we adopted a baby from the Pacific Islands and got her at 2 days old. Meanwhile DD#1 comes home pregnant and delivers 10 weeks after our pacific island princess arrived.

As if we weren't crazy enough we decided we weren't getting any younger and better adopt just 1 more to round out our house. So we adopted a boy from Guatemala. And naturally during the adoption DD#1 delivered baby #2 which is 2 months older than our son.

So to condense that mess, we have 2 older daughters, 2 babies (one 3 and the other almost 2), 2 granddaughters and a grandson due in June.

Hey, they will have a blast growing up together. Thankfully DD#1 and granddaughters now have their own place. It was a mess when we were all in the same house. Anyway, just wanted to see if there were other adoptive parents in the mix. I may need a tissue from time to time. heheheh

We are adoptive Parents

Hello we are also adoptive parents, We have a little boy that we recieved at two weeks old . We are also trying and looking to adopt again but we are having problems doing so. The State of NY is tough to Adopt in. any help or ideas .. We would appreciate it thanks so much God Bless:)
The most wonderful thing that a couple can do, if they can not have children of their own, is to provide a loving home for an adopted child. Blessings to all those families who take this responsibility and provide the kind of loving environment that a child can feel safe and secure in.