Advice on finding a church

Advice on finding a church

My life is back on track, or rather the path, to do what is right. I have been searching for a Church in my local area but I feel aweful because I don't feel any of them have much to offer in the way of sound doctrine,
I have been involved in Charasmattic ministry as a youth leader and overseas mission work and I am hesitant on returning to a charasmatic church because of my experience and beliefs.
other churches I have looked at stipulate things like "women are not to wear pants to church because of..." bla bla and other denominations ordaining gay ministers.
I know if i found the perfect church I would make it unperfect by being there and all that but where do I draw the line and where do I step over the line.
My life has been like Jobs and I still stand and say "God nothing will take away from me my hope in you" But the hope in finding a church and a place to offer my service and worship and recieve leadership and support I do find hard to hope for, at least around my area.
Please someone kick me up the pants and so I can get a move on and not sit on the fence.

Pastor Gary

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Gus - It may be a difficult task these days, but you may wish to consider locating a Christian Church that simply teaches God's Word chapter by chapter and verse by verse with understanding and based upon uncorrupted scripture from the original manuscripts.

Many persons are misled by churches that are filled with ceremony and glitz, but is that truly what God wants His children to do? We must all decide for ourselves... that is why God gave 'man' free will... to either follow Satan and the false teachings of his spirit or follow God and the Truth in His Words.

Locating a teaching church can be a chore, but it is time well spent and when you find one - it is a gift from God.

This is a non commercial directory for you to use as a starting point. Do your homework and check out as many as you can before making a decision and remember - this is only a PARTIAL listing... there are many more to check out as you have time... blessings to you...


Hi Gus4PM- I will drive 100 miles to be in a anointed service but may the Lord deliver me from a dead dry service and legalistic bondage- when looking for a church home I simply find out were the Spirit pf God is moving- were He is the Word will come to life- the worship will be breathtaking- the people will be loving- the outreaches will be strong and frequent- the missionairies will be supported- I find the most important factor is to find a church home where Jesus is Lord and the church is lead by His Spirit instead of committee or human direction-
if man is in control of the steering wheel God is not usually in the car-