Advice Please

Advice Please

I would appreciate some advice.
I sent out an email and it contained a link to my site. I typed Home - Christian House Sitters and that is what showed as a hyperlink in the email. However when the other party tried to open the link it failed. We checked and it is trying to open wlmailhtml:{32774543-086F-488F-8204-3D5C0A3DBA1D}mid://00000014/!x-usc:http: //www.

How and why did the address get changed?
How can i prevent it in future?


Strange. What email program are you using?

All it should be asyign is http: //www. not allt hat other stuff.


Try using Hotmail, I have never had a problem with them.
It seems to depend on the system being used by the person receiving my email. But I have found that by switching to Plain Text rather than Rich Text format they go through ok.