I am a Christian that has been struggling with some issues of faith in regard to finding a church home. I have had several situations where I have been trying to get back in church, but circumstances and actions of those attending these churches have caused me to back off from going to these respective churches. I read the bible and have study time on Sundays, but I feel that it is stunting my growth as a Christian not to have a regular church home. Would someone please guide me in some scriptures that will help me overcome this block I have placed between me and going back to church. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

God Bless!
Hi girloffaith! I've been through some of that, and quit going for a while. But my spirit soars when I attend church and keep my focus on Jesus. I've learned to let all the other people in the church do their little petty arguments and power struggles. I just keep praying for them, and worshipping my Lord. Just pray to find the church that fits the best, and keep your eyes on Jesus, not on man.
Thank you liberty. It is so discouraging sometimes to want to get motivated to get back in church. I think my problem has been letting other people influence my perception of church. I appreciate the encouragement and I know that I have to take the next step and go back to church again. :)

The fastest growing movement in Christianity today worldwide may be the house church. We hold that the congregational church is no more Scriptural than the episcapol model, which causes the community experience to be less meaningful and relevant, and even at times promoting abuse. I am with the "house church/whole church" part, and here is how I explain it.

If you are having problems with the congregational model, perhaps, you should consider this type church.

M Paul