Aerosmith and Lynyrd Skynyrd Fans?

Aerosmith and Lynyrd Skynyrd Fans?

Hey, I am just wondering who all either like Aerosmith or Lynyrd Skynyrd.

My favorite song bt Aerosmith would be What it Takes. I absolutaly love that song. For Lynyrd Skynyrd, it would have to be Simple Man or FreeBird.
i liek them bolth. my favorite aerosmith song is "i dont wanna miss a thing" and my favorite lynyrd skynyrd song is "freebird"


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I've grown to like Aerosmith quite a bit, but I didn't really like them when they first hit the scene. I like Dream on and Walk this Way most.

As for Skynyrd...being from Florida, I've done everything in my power to avoid them completely. So yeah, I've never actually even heard Freebird to my knowledge. Doesn't stop me from shouting it out to EVERY band the comes through these here parts.
Hahaha, I've never been and heard a band play where someone didn't yell to them to play Freebird. Nirvana actually did it... I love Skynyrd. I grew up on them. My favorite to listen to is Tuesday's Gone, but I have a certain soft spot for Freebird.