After 6 Years, I Am Back...

God has led me back to him. Hello everyone, I am new here. 6 years ago in 2006 I completely walked away from God, though I know he has used the decisions I have made on my own I know it has still been his will for all of this.

Anyway, On 7 June 2012 I randomly (not random of course but through the grace of God) felt horrible, ashamed... I felt like I was happy, my marriage was okay, I'm deployed to Afghanistan and though this is my third deployment everything was going good... yet I was stricken down to my knees... I felt I had taken so much for granted (I had). I prayed, I asked Christ to enter my heart again. I went to the MWR (Morale Welfare Recreation center) and found a NLT Bible... not the bible of choice but it had to do, and I read...

The next day feeling renewed... I prayed that the chaplain make more visits, that instead of a service once a month it be done once a week, and that I find a group to do bible study with...

The next morning the chaplain flew in and came to the aidstation where I work, he greeted me and told me that he always comes to the medics to introduce himself, and that him and two other chaplains would be rotating out of our base so we can have a service once a week. After service that night, I was approached by a new Luitenant in our 4th Platoon that had been with us for 2 weeks and asked me if I would like to start a bible study group...

It has been a great uphill battle since. Our group went from 2 to the current 8ish, and God has been so great to us here. He continues to keep us safe while we are deployed, and though there are many things I struggle in habit from when I walked away from Christ, I have quit smoking, after smoking for 6 years, my languange has drastically improved but some still slip here and there... and many other things. Of course I will always sin, but many have actually noticed a difference! Praise be to God.

First and foremost ... Welcome back to God's family.

Welcome to this forum. So glad to have you here.

And, thank you so much for your service in our military.

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Thank you InHisLove! I'm glad to be here and to be back with God's family! Thank you for the kind words!
You are very welcome!!!
I accepted Christ when I was 14. I got baptized somewhere around that time as well. I think it was around when I was 17 that I started doing things just to do them, but on the inside I was becoming lukewarm. Kind of like the church in Revelation, 1 of the 7 that their particular problem was being alive on the outside but dead on the in.

I think eventually I was like the man in Jeremiah chapter 6 that proclaimed to be a follower of God but went on whatever I wanted to. 6 years ago when I deployed to Iraq I walked away completely. And last deployment I convinced myself there was no God. However Christ has brought me back, and now I am even more thankful for his sacrifice for us then I could have been if I hadn't experienced life the way I did. I'm shameful of my actions and wish I had done them different, but I think I'm all the stronger and wiser for them.