"Aliens" and the end time deception?

"Aliens" and the end time deception?

I have been thinking about this for awhile now and I think I have found somthing very important in the Bible and in different things around me. This is what I think....

Genesis 6:4
The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of the human beings and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown

The Bible then says that the earth became corrupt and thats why Noah had to build the ark and the earth had to be flooded and somewhat started over. I searched for it on this sites bible search thing but I could find it..but there is something Jesus said that there will be Strange Signs In The Sky. COuld this be something that satan and his fallen angels use to decieve the world into believing their false messiah (Satan himself)? By using these "flying crafts" to claim to be doing the work of God by showing themselves in the sky? I think that there may not even be true physical crafts like that at all..but delusions. The Nephilim seem very similar of so called "aliens". I have also seen some pictures of ancient biblical art that depicts UFO's. Below is a link to some..


The Bible says nothing about anything like what is happening in those pictures actually happening so therefore it is false of course. I believe these works of art could be the work of Satan's deception on people. There is much more that I believe on this subject..so much that I couldnt even begin to type it all out. So tell me your opinions on this matter.

May The Lord Be With You:jesus-cross:
I have heard of similar theories, actually.
I think it is too outrageous for many people to think about or consider.
It is always a possibility.
I also heard a preacher say he believes aliens are actually angels.
I don't think I really have an opinion but I'm open minded to the thoughts.
There must be some explanation~
I know you have heard of the Mayans Calender...most people have. How there will be a complete change in the world and the start of a golden age will begin. But that is what it predicts, that all of that will happen on December 21, 2012. Scientists say that on that day all the planets will be in a direct line with the sun. World peace and such can only be achieved by the return of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. The Mayans Calender seems to depict this in a way of its own. However, the Bible states that nobody knows the day or hour that Jesus will return not even the angels in heaven. Only God knows when this happens. I think that the Mayans were also deceived by things taught by demons. Perhaps they were known to the Mayans as their "Gods". This could be the day that UFOs come and bring the false Messiah. Because if you think about it, the idea of the antichrist and the mark of the beast is too widely known right now. It is the idea that there will be a man on earth that is given power by Satan. Alot of people know this..alot of people believe this..even some people that arent that faithful to God like they should be believe and know this. So if someone came in a flying craft, performing false mirackes and things of that such..it seems to me people would be far more prone to follow them and be decieved by something like that. "Aliens" would easily gain world power if they came here and the people of the world felt they needed help and needed someone to save the planet..which is exactly the direction we are all headed on this planet and the Bible says thats the shape the world will be in at the end times.
Heard the same thing about the calenders predicting the end in 2000- there is only one reliable source for prophecy and that is the bible- everything else is conjecture. I am however convinced that many would choose to believe in ufos rather than admit there is a God.We have certainly had visitors- angels, demons and even the Lord God Himself !
To our new member

Just for what it is worth, please read the Book of Ezekiel 1:1-28 (KJV) for a better understanding and technical description by Ezekiel, of what you may be referring to.

You may wish to read one study on the subject located here below. While there are some minor translation issues in this study, the bulk of the information presented here is acceptably accurate.

This is exactly what Im trying to get at actually. There is no "real" UFOs and aliens from other planets or whatever..some people believe there are UFOs in passages in the Bible. What Im trying to say is this is deception by Satan. Its his plan, its the end times deception
I like the song- " I want to ride on the wheel of God" :D
I see nothing wrong with believing that there could be life on other planets. Who's to say that God only created life here on earth? The problems start when people start using their imaginations and explain away everything they do not understand as an alien sighting.
I agree with Steveh, it's ignorant to assume that God couldn't have put life somewhere else out there. Just because it doesn't say he did in the Bible, doesn't exactly mean he didn't. If it said that God didn't do that, then he didn't. But the lack of mentioning it altogether I would think means it could go either way. You can argue that all you want, but until you show me where it says in the Bible that God specifically didn't put life anywhere else, and that life has the same potential to worship him and be in Heaven, then I think an argument is invalid. I won't argue with it, because the Bible doesn't say God did. But saying he didn't because the Bible doesn't record it seems to take away power from an omnipotent God. It's almost one of those situations where people seem to make the Bible more powerful than God.
What I mean is, If God decided to create another life somewhere else than here, then he could, and there's no reason to assume he didn't. God could have created that life after the creation was recorded in Genesis. Just because it's not in the Bible doesn't make it wrong. As far as I know, yesterday wasn't recorded in the Bible, but I'm sure God did something. That's what I mean by sometimes people tend to imply God is bound by what the Bible says, instead of vice versa.
Maybe He did or maybe He didn't who knows- I wouldn't be surprised if He did but I am not going off on any ufo conferences either- I prefer to keep my feet on solid ground so at least until I learn different I will work on drawing closer to God and being a good citizen on earth-LOL!
haha, I'm definitely not going to waste my time concerning UFO's and the like, I was just stating a belief I have. A UFO conference might be boring anyway. It's too early in the morning for that, lol.
Amen- the bible doesn't tell us everything but it does tell us everything we need to live our lives in fellowship and harmony with Him!
Yall aint understanding what Im trying to say here. Like you just said, the Bible DOES NOT say anything about anyone being on any other planets. The Heavens is the universe, the Bible said that Satan had a high place in Heaven before he rebelled which, in my opinion, is a very good explanation for the ruins of Cydonia on Mars. The point Im trying to get at is there is no aliens from other planets..there is people and all the things on Earth, God, his angels, The Lord Jesus Christ, and Satan and his fallen angels. UFOs are the end time deception, because when u look at it and go over it as much as I have, there is no other true explaination except that.
to copy is how evil works.they cause then solve a problem.to look good.everything that is good they try to copy ,and make people do things for the wrong reasons.be true to God and true to yourself.