Alienware computers?

Alienware computers?

Any good? I am thinking about buying one soon. I am looking for a gaming computer and from what I hear, Alienware computers are best for gaming.


I am a computer guy to, and I'll never buy an assembled computer, I have to have every part the exact one I want to suit my wants.

If you give me a price, I'll peice together, in writing the best rig I can make up with that money. Tell me if you need a monitor/keyboard/mouse as well, or just the computer.

May not be the best way for you though, cause if you dont' assemnble yourself, I don't know how much that costs.
Yeah I don't know how to assemble a computer so I am just going to get one from a store. I was looking into Velocity Micro, and Dell. Finally, decided Alienware was top of line and I should get it. I'm still a bit unsure on if I will actually get it. They are very expensive.
You must be a SERIOUS gamer to be thinking of buying one of those. I like my apple just fine. :) Of course I am not a computer game person either. LOL
If you can afford it, go for it without doubt. Just make sure that you do have a margin for upgrading for the future. Newer games are always going to be demanding when it comes to gaming.

All the best
it is not alienware that is good for gaming lol it is the hardware inside it which can be found in any computer that you custom make. Plus you'll get it much cheaper and better quality.
I am with Mark on this one.
You don't have to build it Leap :p buy the parts from the same store and tell them to build it, they'll do it for a few dollars and you're good to go.
I don't recommend you get an alienware or any other manufactured computer.
My days as a computer engineer & builder showed that its not a wise move.
If you are serious computer games player, I recommend you build it yourself, you get exactly what you want.
I build my own many years ago, athlon 64s are rubbish now though :eek:
for gaming I highly suggest getting a Quad Core Processor. that's what I have. and it's incredibly fast =D

pfft mark :p I still have a 8800gt oc2 :( :p but it's ok it's still powerful and with the quad core I'm able to play any new game at full settings.


If you do wanna build it, tell us what you'll spend and Ill build the best one I can and show it to you. Then you can compare the specs to the alienware ones in the same price range.
you also need a case with a lot of fans, preferable minimum 3 fans. because you are going to game a lot you need heat dispensation (if that's the word :p)