Amazing grace!!

Amazing grace!!

Happy sunday everybody!! I found a wonderful treat for you all to watch

Il Divo UK AV

Amazing Grace like you havenever heard it before!!!
This is beautiful - please warm the hearts of all your friends by passing this beautiful message in song on....Four Tenors (Il Divo) singing inside the Coliseum in Rome. It is an enjoyable 4 minutes.:smiley10:

Chili out
Oh I just love El Divo...I've have their CD, but that song isn't on it...wish it were.

Beautiful, simply beautiful!

Thanks Chili for sharing it with us.

Blessings, Cheri
I sang along with it tonight. It brought tears to my eyes for I love Jesus.
HIS grace IS sufficient!! TY God for a beautiful song from Il Divo. You gave them wonderful voices Amen