Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

Hey guys.
The other night I watched a film called "Amazing Grace".
Its based on a true story about a British Politician called William Wilberforce from 1759 - 1833, Who changed history. He who was a Politican who later found God and had to choose between being a politician and stopping the slave trade. He and others told him to do both.
In the end, He had ended the British Slave trade.

This is where the song "Amazing Grace" comes from.
Chris Tomlin - Amazing Grace (my chains are gone), Listen to the words in the Chorus, Slightly Different in this version. Apart from this song talking about the chains of Slavery, it made me thing about the chains being broken and being set free from bondage, addiction ect ect.

Here is a trailer of the Movie.

I seriously recommend you see this movie, It really is a great film, I think its probably one of the best "True Story" films i've seen.

Born2LoveYou thnks so much- I wanted to see this when it was at show but had to much going on- I heard it was a stupendous movie and I look forward to seeing it soon- it never fails to amaze me how a touch from heaven on one life can and will affect so many- blessings in His Name Larry