An Old Fashioned Life?

What do you do to keep in touch with old fashioned ways?
What do you do that could be done an easier way that you prefer doing the old fashioned way?
Well, we grow our own food.
I hunt the critters that can't be fenced.
I walk to work. (I live in the parsonage.)
We make our own butter, can our own jars.
My wife makes some of our own clothes. (And repairs them.)

....And I wouldn't change a thing. :)

I do however like to go into town from time to time, just to remind myself why I don't live there.

Our cow dried up now and then so we ate cereal with a fork to save milk.
That made me laugh so hard milk came out of my nose....
and I aint even drinking milk!
Thanks Violet.

I've lived in some very large cities, and I drove over the road for many years.

I have to say, the simpler life is much healthier and easier.
I don't mind feeding chickens, or gathering eggs, and as was said in some other posts, the milk is better, the eggs are better, we don't have to worry about our meat having been injected with hormones or steroids, and the only thing I spray on the garden is Seven.

I have had a few people raise an eyebrow when we serve up a steak, eggs, fresh bread, white butter, and home fries for dinner, all cooked in lard.

But I just let them complain.

I figure I'll out live them all, and then I'll say "I told ya so!" :D
This is funny...

Just this last weekend I taught my 9 year old how to can the pears off of our tree.

We use our clothesline as much as possible - it rains too much to use it usually. Come to think of it, we're the only house in my neighborhood with one.

I make most of our food from scratch.

We mostly give homemade gifts...(which of my children would you like?) :D

We eat at the table EVERY night. No excuses.

BTW: I'm 35, & I live in the heart of downtown...
When I lived in the city, it took me 45 minutes to drive to work.
45 minutes to drive 7 miles!
...That's stress.

I tried to find trustworthy, Christian daycare, and we couldn't afford to live on one income, so we were looking at sending our kids to government schools and having to work two jobs.

...That's work, and stress.

This aint work. It's living and eating the way God designed us to.

Besides, ...I cheat!

I have our meat processed for $125.00, and I make butter with an electric ice cream maker! :eek:
Good for you Kitsapgirl!
Lots of people just lose touch with reality when they move into the city.

It's good to see someone who still appreciates the importance of a "hands on" lifestyle.

We eat at the table EVERY night. No excuses.
Personally, I believe that is the best family and marriage counseling in the world.