An Old Miner.

An Old Miner.

An old miner died,he lived in a hut near the mine, the old miner's family came and took all of his belongings, as they were driving away an old man was walking up the dusty track, he stopped the truck and said could he have some of the old miners things as he was a close friend of his, they said if you can find anything it is all yours.

So the old man went up to the hut to look around, he was not able to find anything there, but he move the table to one side of the hut, there he moved the floor boards and he lifted up a sack,when he untied it it was full of gold pieces.

He went to the window just to see the truck turning the corner on the dusty track, he called out to the family but they did not hear him.

What he called out was, if you knew him better you would have known about his riches.

Do you know Jesus as well as you think?

Do you know Jesus has riches for you?

Do you know where to find these riches?

Well certainly not under the floor boards!!

You will find them in HIS WORD when you read GOD'S WORD the BIBLE.

God loves you,
thank you for reading this.

Wow, that was "rich" Raymond (no pun intended)! I find the more I read the Bible, the more things are revealed to me. It's always new and fresh and I want to be open to His word. I want to really know you, Lord.
God is using me to wake up people, as over the last years people have been dropping off from what they were taught when younger, all my sayings and poems are all about the good news, god has placed on my heart that people need to know more, well Iam now writing in 4 web sites, as there are so many people who still do not know.

Even christian there are those who have slipped backwards, and just need that nudge to get back on track again, was I start talking about the good news and Jesus I find it hard to stop.
I'd rather be like that than not to speak at all, praise GOD.

God loves you SweetSurrender and your husband,and I pray for the Holy Spirit to touch his heart.
I feel that I must pray for you both.
" In your Name Lord Jesus I pray that the Holy Spirit will touch both Sweet Surrender and her husband so that they will be one with you, I pray this in your name Jesus Amen"
It is only when we know God, then we can have all the treasures that are for us, but if we don't know Him we HAVE NOTHING.

God bless you