An understanding gained thru living the life of Christ in faith.

I want to be sure it's understood that any value you find in what follows was given to me by Amen(Rev 3:14)
Everything that exists has been created by spirit and remains in existence by spirit.Every thought,word and/or deed has been produced by a spirit. While lucifer is allowed to influence the world,we need to fine-tune our discernment of whose spirit we allow to occupy our hearts.We know the tree by the fruit it bears.Discernment is the main discipline used in working out our own salvation. When lucifers' spirit has been detected,we need to be quick in humility to realize we must call on Amen (see REV 3:14) to restore HIS SPIRIT to our heart;then wait in faith and patience for HIM to restore HIS Presence into our heart. AMEN thank-YOU for YOUR grace and mercy and all YOU'VE done to save us from the death of living under the power of lucifers' selfish-self-centered spirit.