Just curious.
How can the law determine how many cats and dogs you own on your own property as long as they are well taken care of?
How can there be such a law?
Maybe we are trying to fit in with the rest of the world. Doesn't China tell their people how many children they can have?


I just told my husband that's what will be next here in the states! :D

It's nice to see you, Tom!
I think as long as you are taking care of them and meeting all of their needs, there should be no limits. We watch a shop called Animal Cops and it seems like every week they go into some house that has more animals than they can take care of - the animals are sick, underfed, living in filth and generally miserable. In THAT kind of case, I can see it. But there are many people that have MANY animals and they are taken care of beautifully. I say live and let live in that case!

And I can't imagine living somewhere that would limit the number of kids I could have!
One of my best friends had a neighbor who had over 700 small dogs IN the house and 30 some parrots :( This was in the news a few months ago, she lives in Arizona. I guess the lady was afaid to let any one else take care of her puppies:eek:
I believe if there is someone who has an over abundance of animals with them and they can’t really take care of the animals, the law is in place so they can take immediate action to help the animals. Otherwise there would be some sort of red tape to go through and it would be more difficult and time consuming to get the animals out of there.

I’m one of those people who is willing to give up some of my rights if it will help those that are less fortunate. Including animals.

And now for a dumb law…
In Minnesota, citizens may not enter Wisconsin with a chicken on their head.

That one right there really cuts into my weekend fun.:rolleyes:


I raise rabbits-minatures and lion-headed- and sell the babies-to offset the price of feed-not eating rabbits-pet rabbits!!~!-I can't look a purple -eyed rabbit in the eye and kill it for food!!!~!-LOL!!!~!:D

well I think that no one can really take good care of animals if they have too many as there wouldn't be the love to go to each one of them. In the case of too many surely the animal shelters would be able to find good homes for them. Barb
I think it is important to have laws about stuff like this to be honest Violet. Lots of people 'think' they are good, responsible, pet owners (not saying that you are one of these), but they just are not. I agree with what Barb said, no one could take care of more than 2 or 3 of each properly and give them all the love they need. Plus would it not be far too expensive - annual vaccinations, vet checks, food, etc.
Is this something new in the US, we've always been limited on these things in Australia - then I think our laws regarding pets are alot stricter, after I saw the Oprah puppy mill show - that was horrific - there is no way anyone would not end up in jail for something like that here.
I believe if there is someone who has an over abundance of animals with them and they can’t really take care of the animals, the law is in place so they can take immediate action to help the animals.

I agree with Who Am I.

I think people can have as many animals as they want as long as they can

1 ) Properly maintain and handle their pets; if it's not that they are not being properly cared for many animals are dangerous and can hurt small children if they are not properly trained.

2 ) Feed and care for the animals appropriately; and I mean appropriately. I own two pets right now and am planning on getting a show horse soon and it's hard to monitor diets for all my pets and keep them up-to-date on shots, vaccines, vet-checks, and the later.
I have a neighbor who has 20+ cats and two dogs in a townhouse. She takes very good care of them. But they are such a problem for the neighbors. Cats are allowed outside and go to the bathroom in everybody's mulch. Dogs bark all the time if left outside. So, I think part of the reason is the consideration for the neighbors.