Life bring us so much in life
Trials, tribulations and yes

So many things happen to one
On a life’s journey
From good times to sad times
So many hurts and pains
Come our way

There are so many things
That we anticipate
So many times we can
get confused wondering why
certain things happen to us
We just wait with Anticipation
To see what the next thing life
Will bring our way

Amazing though
How when happiness
Starts to shine through
The anticipation can
really build
Can this really be happening?
Can this really be true?

Is there about something good to happen to me
The one who has sat back in tears
Wondering so much about her life?

The anticipation of it all
To meet a caring person
Someone who I can talk to
Someone I can share with
Someone who could be there
When I need him
Someone I can share it with
Share it all

Some one who can be by my side
To have fun times with
To talk to, to cuddle with
To share it
Share it all

The anticipation is building
To that day that I meet
This great person
Who for now I know by written words
And a voice on the other end
of a telephone call

Patience the good Lord says
Patience my dear
Good things happen to those who wait
Those who wait in
Waiting for it all

November 30, 2005

I am still working on patience! ;)
Very nice. Waiting on Him is always worth it and think of the pain and mess it saves!:)
Oh man.... You are so right! the messes I have gotten into without waiting..
Have a super day!

But the good news is... he never left me throughout the messes.. I just left him!